Get Upset

A few weeks ago we got really upset. A man shot and killed several people, and he blamed his killing rampage on the women who had rejected him. Some people came out in support of him – or at least partially defending his actions by agreeing that women shouldn’t be so stuck up/brash when it comes to letting a man down. Or perhaps they shouldn’t let a man down at all. It spurred a conversation, and for a solid week #yesallwomen took over my social networks. I saw hundreds of comments and shared stories. It’s a conversation we must have, because as women we’ve all experienced sexism, chauvinism, misogyny, sexual harassment, etc. in some form. We’re afraid to walk through parking lots, or to be left alone at parties, and for good reason. We are fed up, and I saw and heard almost nothing else that week – voices of both men and women.

This week our Supreme Court made the decision to support privately held companies making healthcare decisions based on the company owners’ religious beliefs. The decision directly counters the First Amendment of our Constitution. Yet I only saw about five people mention anything about it in my social feeds. Our government is making decisions about our reproductive health based on religion, and we need to be angry about it.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg said it more eloquently than I ever could: “Any decision to use contraceptives made by a woman covered under Hobby Lobby’s or Conestoga’s plan will not be propelled by the Government, it will be the woman’s autonomous choice, informed by the physician she consults.”

Unfortunately, Bader Ginsburg and the three other Supreme Court Justices who did not support the ruling were outnumbered. As she put it, our government has ventured into a minefield. It’s our job to let them know, and not to support companies who limit employee freedoms based on personal religious beliefs.


One thought on “Get Upset

  1. It’s a dangerous contradiction to see “religious freedom” used to counter a woman’s choice required by the government. However, all over the world religious zealots are wreaking havoc in our “civilized” society……

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