Feeling bad sucks. I try to avoid things that make me feel bad. Last week I flipped through a slideshow that made me feel shitty about the way I look. After clicking on this post I stumbled down an instyle.com rabbit hole:


“Hey, I have cellulite!” I thought. Cellulite isn’t okay. It makes my legs look fat and old, right? I better keep reading to find the cure for this vicious killer. The full slideshow gives a few workout tips for getting swimsuit ready, and then tip number 5 reads as follows:


Until there’s a cure for cellulite, there’s camo. Rubbing on a cream with retinol to firm skin can make dimpling less apparent if you start two to three months before swimsuit season, says New Orleans-area dermatologist Patricia Farris. (Try Chantecaille Retinol Body Treatment, $95; chantecaille.com) Otherwise, stock up on bronzer, lots of bronzer.”

I’m active, I eat well, and the last time I visited the doctor she requested that I gain weight because I fall below the healthy weight index for my height. But I have cellulite, so I guess I should spend $95 on a 6 oz. tube of cream for my thighs.

We spend so much time worrying about the way we look – minimizing under eye circles, reducing wrinkles, contouring cheekbones – trying to achieve perfection. We think eliminating these “problem areas” will make us happier and more desirable, but our insecurities make us miserable. Constant exposure to negativity drives us crazy and makes us believe that no one could love our bodies in their current forms.

This body birthed an eight pound human after growing her for nine months. These thighs played hockey on lakes and small-town rinks for 20 years. These shoulders have carried backpacks full of books, bags full of golf clubs, kids full of dirty diapers, and friends too drunk to walk home from the bar. These feet waited tables for five years. I’m okay with this body.

I’m not going to try to cure my cellulite, and I’m not going to purchase lots of bronzer before slipping into my swimsuit either. I’m going to unfollow Instyle, avoid the negativity as much as possible, and embrace this body that I was born with – fat or skinny, saggy or toned. 


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