The ‘Large Desert Cat Hunting A Baby Antelope’ Approach To New Year’s Resolutions

We all have the same resolution this year. Be happier. We have it every year, whether we say it or not.

Eat better, lose weight, find a boyfriend, get out of a terrible relationship, travel more, tone your abs, be nicer, be less of a push-over, save more money, quit the job you hate, find a job you love, the list goes on.

Start by being less hard on yourself. Last year you isn’t so bad, and next year you will not be that much different. Pick one thing and focus your energy on it. Then don’t be an asshole to yourself if you can’t accomplish it. You have 365 days to get after it, and there are probably a million tools, communities and friends that can help.

I suggest you take the “large desert cat hunting a baby antelope” approach to finding your one thing:

  1. Take a good look at the pack (the antelope in this scenario are your resolutions).
  2. Spot the weakest link.
  3. Determine your strategy. Do you need help from your large cat friends?
  4. Go after it.
  5. Separate it from its mother.
  6. Chase it down. You’re faster than that little jerk.
  7. Kill it.
  8. Eat it (unless your resolution is weight loss, then I guess give it to your large cat friends. Come on, it’s a metaphor!).

You get the picture, and you’ve seen the videos of lions chasing down their prey. They don’t give up after step two. They’re hungry, and they’re proud and they are going to eat that baby antelope then strut around with blood on their teeth for days so all the other cats know what’s up.

I picked one last year. On New Year’s Eve I sat at home waiting for someone, but they didn’t show up. I thought about how many times that had happened. I tried to remember how many days I felt happy in 2012, and then how many days I felt sad. I realized that I didn’t want to spend another year being unhappy, unsure, and unstable. So I took a few months, got my feet under me, wavered a few times and eventually started making decisions that didn’t make me feel unhappy, unsure or unstable. I killed my baby antelope, and I’ve got another one to kill this year.

So figure out what your baby antelope is and go after it. Then be proud when you kill it.


I’d love to know what you’re chasing if you’re willing to share.


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